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Order Sustainable Alder Wood Hangers in Bulk

Built from the premium yet sustainable alder wood, these hangers provide a rich and consistent grain. Offered in a wide variety of styles and shapes, alder hangers function as well as they look.

 Alder, is often called the versatile hardwood for it’s workability, availability, and finishing. It is an incredibly predictable material, making it a favorite of woodworkers. It can be used by itself or together with other species. Alder is a fine-grained wood, very similar to that of cherry, birch and maple wood. It is used in both veneer and solid wood applications. This fine homogeneous grain structure and light consistent color in both the heartwood and sapwood make it easy to form, fasten and finish.

Comparison charts show the total workability index of Alder is higher than most hardwoods. Alder is an excellent choice for even the most complex machining, gluing and finishing projects. The exquisite finishing versatility of alder is of special interest to woodworkers. Both the inner heartwood and outer sapwood are a light honey color. This light and unvarying color is both easy to stain, as well as highly valued in its natural state in today’s clean modern designs. When staining is desired, Alder can easily match Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Pecan, Mahogany, or many other hues of wood. This is possible because sap discoloration and mineral streaks are absent in particular type of wood, making Alder easy to finish with clear ‘fruitwood’ stains.

 Alder is only commercially grown in the Pacific Northwest. Allowing managers of this resource the opportunity to grow a product that will not have competition from other countries with cheaper management and harvesting costs. This is a factor in the increased price of this specialty product over the last 10 years, whereas Douglas Fir and Hemlock, which are commodity products, continue to decline in price.

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